ALK gathers together a set of companies which intervene within the framework of two fields of activity:

Survey, Settling and Survey Agents & Control / Audit

? The fields of maritime and transport survey as well as the Settling and Survey Agents extended to the international

? The fields of inspection, control, risks audit and assets evaluation; more precisely (but not only) in the fields of soft commodities (accredited Gafta, Fosfa…)

? The fields of environment, chemistry, food-processing and agribusiness survey

This filed of activity was created in 1991. It is located in France, in Belgium, in the Netherlands, in the United Kingdom and in the Federation of Russia where work men and women employees whose profiles are diversified but specialized: apart from general engineers, are also working in this company food-processing engineers, chemical engineers, moving vehicles and industrial machine engineers,…but also formers flying Officers of the Merchant Navy.

The Hotel Business and Catering

Various charming hotel business and catering operations located in Normandy, at the epicentre of the fabulous beech grove of Lyons la Forêt; village which is among the more beautiful ones of France.



They are first the ones inherent in the will to provide a quality service to our customers.

The set of companies, is independent and detached of any external capitalistic link, allowing to the hundred men and women employees to practise, in this company, their activity in a spirit of transparency, neutrality and ethics which make up the basis of our values, more precisely dominating within the framework of our activities in the fields of survey, audit and control.



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